Dandydill Way gets some press


Dandydill Way is  getting some attention from the press and Tania its founder has just been interviewed by Wild & Gorgeous. In this article, she speaks about the importance of design and how it should reflect the quality of the product inside the bottle.

"An important part of Dandydill Way is the look of the brand and that was hugely inspired by my time living in France. I love French beauty products, they are unquestionably the world leaders in design and I insisted on finding a French designer to create the packaging. My eye for detail has been finely honed after decades of work as a make up artist so when I found someone with the same obsessive attention to every last detail – and French – it was the perfect match!"

Thanks Tania, we are indeed obsessed in details!

Discover our work for Dandydill Way in our branding section by clicking here.

Read the full interview by clicking here.

Opening of Venom


"If it bites you and you die, it’s venom.
If you bite it and you die, it’s poison."

We are very proud to announce the opening of Venom at the Natural History Museum. For almost a year and a half, we have worked in close collaboration with the NHM and interior design studio Drinkall Dean to deliver you a memorable experience. Discover the power of venom, a fragile thread between fear and fascination.

Find out more on NHM website by clicking here.

New session with BBC Radio 4

We recorded a second session with BBC Radio 4 for The Fix. The session focussed on making housing more affordable in the UK. We really enjoyed prototyping solution for this complex problem. Broadcast in August

BBC Radio 4, The Fix


Hey Folks!

Unusual day at the Studio as we have been busy recording a new design program with BBC Radio 4 today: The Fix. The Fix is a design program that aims to help solve some of the country’s most pressing problems. People from different disciplines join forces today to help tackle the problem of childhood obesity. We'll be on air mid August so turn on your radio!

The Crystal


Plaid and Margot Lombaert Studio collaborated on designing participation spaces within the exhibition 'The Future of cities' at the Siemens Crystal Building in London. The exhibition showcases global trends and challenges, alongside existing  solutions to build environmentally sustainable cities. We worked in collaboration with the Crystal to design active areas in which visitors of all ages could engage and participate in building a more sustainable future.